We sponsor $30 to $300 freebies to each freebie program partner every month.

Who can apply ?

Any fashion lover who has got blogger account with more than 1000 followers or any other social network account with more than 2000 followers.

How to apply?

Put our promotion icon on your blog page and make sure the promotion icon links to www.chicnova.com. Then submit your email address and your blog link on this page. Once we approve it, we will send you a coupon code which can be used as cash on our site and you become our freebie program partner.

What should you do after becoming our freebie program partner?

You should take photos of yourself wearing the clothes or accessories, etc. we sent to you within 7 days after receiving them and make posts on your blog sharing your reviews and thoughts about the items you received. In the post, you should mention the links of items you received.

For other social account, we will send you our needs to your email.

What should you do after making posts?

Send us an email once you complete the post on your blog account.

What info will chicnova collect?

Chicnova may collect your photos and reviews. We may use them on our site or share them to our social network account. For other special use, we will contact you and get your permission at first.

That is easy. Please click "Agree" to continue.

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